The following topics will be addressed:

• Addressing the business challenges of the Aerospace & Defense Industry
• Decision from Airbus for 3DEXPERIENCE Solution from Dassault Systems
• 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and the possible values for the Aerospace suppliers
• Playground:

o Reinvent The Sky – Engineer, prototype and certify new people and goods mobility experiences
o Build to Operate – Digital Precision throughout Production – One Day in the Shoop Floor
o Clear to Operate – Test & Certify on time, at lower cost
o Passenger Experience – Know how to deliver cabin personalization, profitably

Lunch break will be on individual at 12:00 AM.

Further information you will find here.

ZAL Center for Applied Aviation Research GmbH  –  Hein-Saß-Weg 22  –  21129 Hamburg

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the 3DEXPERIENCE Center!


ZAL, Hamburg


24. Mai 2019


10:00 Uhr - ca. 15:00 Uhr