Did you miss our recent TECHNIA Software webseminar on how to optimise efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction?

This webseminar, now on demand features product owner Peter Skogsberg, who offers business inspiration to maximising cross-device user acceptance with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

With an in-depth explanation of Helium Mode  from the TECHNIA Value Components offering, take a look below at the topics being covered, before scrolling down to watch the video.

Webseminar Agenda / Key Highlights

  • Simplified role-based applications
  • Efficient collaboration
  • Any device friendliness
  • Mobility with camera and QR scanning
  • Offline capabilities
  • Intuitive and styled UI


By the end of the webseminar, your business will have the confidence and freedom to build a bespoke Helium Mode UI that will transform into business value.

Viewing Time: 60 mins


Peter Skogsberg
Product Owner, TVC Helium Mode

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