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TECHNIAs Q-Checker supports CATIA 64-bit

Q-Checker 1.20.1 accelerates the product development process with 64-bit support on Windows XP 64-bit Edition and AIX 5L.

The use of Q-Checker 64-bit has certain requirements on the Hardware, Operating System and CATIA V5. The following table shows compatible and not compatible configurations.



In brief, CAA AddOns like Q-Checker are depending on the CATIA V5 installation. In case of CATIA V5 32-bit, a Q-Checker 32-bit release is needed, whereas CATIA V5 64-bit requires a Q-Checker 64-bit installation. A mixture of 32-and 64-bit releases is not possible.

CATIA V5 is delivered with separate installation CDs for 32 and 64-bit. In the same manner, separate installation packages are available for Q-Checker 32-and 64-bit. The nomenclature of a Q-Checker
64-bit installation packages is: <product name><CATIA release>B64<version number><Operating System>.tar.gz

e.g. qcheckerV5R17B64_1201_aix.tar.gz

64-bit packages contain the description B64 whereas 32-bit packages have no identification note.

Q-Checker Download

Q-Checker can be downloaded from the TECHNIA website

Q-Monitor 64-bit support

Q-Monitor is a CATIA independent application and developed with Java. The same code of Q-Monitor can be used on 32-and 64-bit Operating Systems.