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Neue Funktionen in LiteBox3D 2.2.1

Whats new in LiteBox3D 2.2.1

Added support for these STEP AP 242 ed1 features:

  • Fully shattered STEP files
  • Section views
  • PMI associations to faces
  • PMI associations to other PMI

Reading files:

  • LiteBox3D attempts to read JT files which exceed the maximum supported version (JT 10.5). You will be notified when you open a file with a version higher than supported.
  • LiteBox3D can detect the file format irrespective of the file name extension.
    Known issue: In specific cases, some user interface elements may be missing if the file extension is wrong.
  • Read STEP AP 242 XML with multiple parts at top level


Please refer to Lite3D_2022.2_WhatsNew.pdf for all details on these and more new functions.