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MODSIM Episode One – Improving the Design Process with Simulation

Don’t miss the first episode in our Modeling & Simulation educational series.  Download now to watch episode one and to gain access to a world of MODSIM content, including ebooks, tutorials and more!

Most product design and simulation activities are performed today as siloed disciplines, often using separate – and possibly incompatible – software.  This episode of our MODSIM series will show how, by utilising insights gained from simulation earlier in the design process, engineers and product design teams can confidently deliver the right product at the right time. ​


Episode 1 Highlights​:

  • Why do Simulation and understanding the aims
  • Capturing and Qualifying the inputs and assumptions to your Simulation
  • Alternative approaches and results validation

If you are involved in product design and would like to learn how using Simulation earlier in the design process will allow you and your teams to develop better products faster, download the first in our MODSIM series now!

Duration: 42:51 Min.

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