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In this session, Anders Axelsson, Piyush Saini and Tibor Slavkosky give us an insight into the value and benefits of the TECHNIA’s Value Component Product, as well as the product roadmap.


  • What are Value Components?
  • Key benefits for productivity and cost savings
  • Product status and development roadmap
  • Product demonstrations: Customising your views
  • Classic and Helium concepts: What is the difference?
  • Workflows and Task Management
  • Launchpads – New Pre-configured templates

Viewing Time: 31 mins

Anders Axelsson
Anders Axelsson
Product Manager, TECHNIA
Piyush Saini
Piyush Saini
Product Owner & Team Lead, TECHNIA
Tibor Slavkosky
Tibor Slavkosky
Services Director TECHNIA Slovakia, TECHNIA
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